Discussion 16 – Pathology to Fitness.

Bev mentioned a point in her last discussion post about a path from Pathology to Fitness. It was discussed by Coach Glassman at our Certification Seminar in Vancouver. The path goes from Wellness towards either Pathology or Fitness. Much of society today is heading in the direction of Pathology and we’re starting to see a growth in the industry of “Wellness”. It’s a strong buzzword these days and is often associated with “Natural” and “holistic” practices.

Our discussion this week is what does this mean to you? What is wellness and should we be striving towards it? Where do you think you are on the path? Post thoughts to comments.

As a secondary sub-discussion we would like to know your opinion for sayings on the back of our new T-shirt order. Some examples are “our warm-up is harder then your workout”, “CrossFit Edmonton.. Get Some!”, “forging elite fitness” and the standard “Powered by CrossFit”. Please let us know your favorites of these or any other ideas you may have.