Monday Oct. 20, 2008 BC-58

For time:

10,000 lbs from the ground to over head”

Compare to: 071215

Post time and method used

Here coach Rippetoe teaches proper overhead lock out technique. Note the ear is clearly infront of the the arms.

Burpee Challenge: We are on day 58 of our Burpee challenge, everyone who has stayed on board so far, congratulations! I think while most of us have noticed a variety of strength gains and mechanical improvement it is important to be aware that the burpee challenge is a repeatative and frequent stress to the body. If any one is noticing joint pain, or other adverse affects please listen to the body and allow recovery, yes, this may mean stopping the burpee challenge. I (Auty) have had to cease because of an old shoulder injury flare up and while frustrated I have come to accept that, for me, this was the best I could do. It wouldn’t be worth continuing through discomfort and potentially creating a repeatative stress injury. However if pain free, Burpee on!