Monday Mar. 9, 2008

Spend 1 min at each station, 30 sec rest between stations.
3 Rounds

Double Unders
Sit ups
Box Jumps

Score max reps at each station in each round. (Calories for row) The goal is all-out effort at each station.
Post reps to comments

Chad with Coach Kimo at CrossFit Hawaii in Oahu. Scroll down to February 25th to read his comments about my workout!

FYI: Our new attendance system is now up and running in full speed. As you know, you no longer need to sign in for classes, the coach will do that for you. However, our new system allows for online registration in the classes. You can login and sign up for each class before you attend. This is something we will be implementing as classes start to grow so I suggest checking it out now. You can create an account (will require verification) online and then sign-in to your classes for the week. You can do so HERE or also from the link on our Schedule Page. This new system will also allow you to purchase items from our online store once it has been fully set up.

Inner City Challenge:
Location- CrossFit Lineage
7525-72A Street NW Edmonton, AB
Date: March 28th
Time: 11 am registration
(at the door)
Both Rx’d and Scaled heats