Sunday June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Hopper WOD

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Waiting for “Jackie” at the Western Candian Qualifiers.
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A small exerpt from a recent article about Scaling in the CrossFit Journal states:
“If the WOD calls for 30 clean and jerks at 155 pounds, it’s clearly a met-con WOD. If you turn the workout into 30 single reps with a minute rest between them, you’ve missed the point.”
Sometimes we get so focused on going heavy or getting to “Rx’d” weights that we tend to miss the point. As Crossfitters we strive to do more work in less time (increase Power output). When you go heavy and drag the workout out longer then it’s intended, you’re reducing that potential for increasing your power output. Properly scaling WOD’s to meet your relative capacity is going to be your fastest route to a dramitic improvement in your fitness.