Wednesday Sept. 23, 2009

Push Press
Push Jerk

Post max load for each exercise to comments.
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You can raise money to help find a cure for Prostate Cancer or you can come workout to help prevent it. Either way, let’s make a difference!

CrossFit in the News!
CrossFit was recently in the Edmonton Journal on Monday with a re-print article from the Montreal Gazette. In case you missed it, here’s their description of CrossFit. Post thoughts to comments.

This California-born workout is a hit among hardcore fitness fanatics who love a challenge. It is made up of strength, power, agility and speed exercises and CrossFit enthusiasts create their own high-intensity workouts and post them on the Internet for others to try.

The popularity of CrossFit rests not just in its content, but also in its reputation. The emphasis isn’t on technique or sagety, but on performing an impressive amount of weight, or running as fast or jumping as high as possible, as often as possible, before calling it quits.

The ability for everyone to design their own workouts without any knowledge of exercise design and safety will eventually be CrossFit’s downfall – even among its tareet market of fit 20- and 30-year-olds. Sonner or later, high-risk training practices catch up to you, and once that starts to happen, the number of keeners will start to dwindle and fewer will be keen enough to take their place.

Only 3 more days! Remember, the person who raises the most donations will be this months 50/50 challenge winner. Prize to the winner is one free month of Unlimited Training at CrossFit Edmonton for you or a friend.