Wednesday Oct. 14, 2009

“CrossFit Total”

Back Squat

3 Attempts at a 1 rep max for each exercise. Total is the best of all 3 exercises added together.

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Individual bests and total to comments.

Coach Bougs with Coach Burgener at the Oly cert this weekend.

New Fundamentals!
Effective immediately CrossFit Edmonton is making some changes for our fundamentals program. Instead of only 4 sessions to learn all those techniques, you’ll now get an entire month. That’s right, your first month of training is technique based to help you prepare for the rigours of our ongoing classes. Our first Fundamentals month is going to start on November 2nd. If you’ve been hesitant to start well now’s your chance! Visit our Start Here page for full details.

Also, we are no longer accepting intro sessions. If you’d like to come watch a class you are more than welcome but if you want to participate you must complete the Fundamentals course first.