December 50/50 Challenge

December 50/50 Fitness Challenge:

This months fitness challenge is going to test Flexibility! Flexibility is outlined as one of the 10 general physicals skills and I’d venture to guess that most of you didn’t know that. Flexibility is a key component to developing your ability to properly execute many of the techniques we use in CrossFit. For this challenge you will be tested on 2 components: Hamstrings and Shoulders.

The Hamstring test will be a sit and reach test and the Shoulder test will be with shoulder openers. Both will be measured in inches (rounded down to the nearest half inch). The winner at the end of the month will be the person with the most improvement in BOTH areas. Results will be calculated as the average difference between the two tests.

Sit and reach test and shoulder opener test.

Sit and reach will be measured by how far from the end of the dowel can you reach and hold for 3 seconds. Shoulder opener will be the distance between the hands behind the back without bending elbows to get there.