Changes at CrossFit Edmonton

As some of you may have already noticed, there are a few changes going on at CrossFit Edmonton. Auty and I have had many discussions about these changes and feel strongly about the positive effect they will have. ALL decisions are being made to enhance our service to our clients. With out you we don’t have a service to provide.

The biggest issue thus far has obviously been our website posting. We appreciate every single comment that has been made and have discussed in length every individual suggestion. We agree that it is the thread that holds our community together in our common bond of CrossFit workouts. We obviously don’t moderate any comments and allow for open discussion and disagreement. (if your comment is moderated by the system, we approve it as soon as we can). This service is NOT going away and we feel that it is only getting better. We now have the opportunity to discuss and open up MORE topics that can help strengthen the bond between us all with your continued feedback.

That being said, we would also like the opportunity to state our position on the changes being made. All of our changes are geared towards affecting the ‘big picture’ and improving our service and program. We understand that not all of our decisions will be meet with immediate acceptance, but let’s face it, CrossFit Edmonton wouldn’t exist today if we didn’t go against the grain once in a while. Over the next fews days, or even weeks, we plan to clear all concerns about all decisions being made. Anything we are removing is being replaced by things we feel are more valuable. One of which is posting the WOD (Workout Of the Day). We will still have a daily post but it will not include the WOD.

The main reason we are doing this is to better affect our programming. When we program a work0ut, there is a specific purpose or stimulus in mind. Without knowing the workout, we get to prepare you for the workout the way it is designed, not the just the way it is written. If we write out exactly how we want the workout performed on our website, then we ARE giving our program away for free and YOU, as a paying client, deserve more than that. By just posting what the workout consists of, as we’ve been doing, many clients come in with a pre-conceived plan of how they will do the workout. By not knowing the workout ahead of time, you will come in, ready to workout and ready to improve your fitness. It’s like having a personal trainer (without the pin setting). You show up, we kick your butt. Plain and simple.

There are MANY more reasons behind this decision that I will try and explain in further posts. At this point I just wanted to make clear that we hear your suggestions, we thank you for them, and we thank you for your understanding of our knowledge as coaches and that we will NEVER do anything that will result in REDUCING your fitness.

If you still have specific concerns about this, please continue to post them and we will answer them as best we can.