Program Design

CrossFit Edmonton is now offering a new service called Program Design. These are individualized programs for 4 or 6 week periods. The ideal candidates for a Program Design are those who follow CrossFit already at home or at another facility but are looking to take it to a new level. They need something that will focus on their specific needs and give them an opportunity for some one-on-one coaching that they wouldn’t receive otherwise.

Another ideal client is someone looking to get into CrossFit because they need something different. They’ve been working out on their own for years, manage quite well on their own, but need something new to get them back on track. They already have a gym membership and you know they’re just going through the motions still doing bicep curls and tricep kick backs! A Program Design can get them introduced to CrossFit with an individualized approach without being intimidated by our classes full of amazing athletes.

Do you know anyone that fits these categories or can benefit from a Program Desing? If so, get them to call or email us for a free 30 minute fitness assessment.

Aaron digging out of a 170lb ring dip! (click image to enlarge)