Paleo Challenge Week 3

Making changes can be tough in any situation. Its far easier to sit back and coast in the comfort of the norm, the known and the practiced. But when making a decision to change, for better health, nothing compares to the return on investment. It’s not something that is obvious immediately, but over time the benefits become astounding. Better sleep, leaner looks, better performance, a more positive outlook, the list goes on. So be courageous as we forge forward into week 3. Leave behind any stumbles or hiccups’ you may have had and renew your commitment today. Remember your only 1 meal away from re-claiming your caveman self.  Plan your groceries and meals for a week and pick up a new recipe from our food logs thread. Use each other to help motivate and encourage others as a team. We will concur the temptations of Neolithic foods and bask it what it feels like to thrive. Grok on!!

Share your challenges and triumphs up to this point in comments: