In the Spirit of Competition

Last weekend  CrossFit Edmonton hosted the 3rd “Inner City Challenge” and once again the event was a great success! I want to send big thanks out to all who participated.  We had members from other affiliates as well as a handful of Crossfitters not associated to a particular gym. In the spirit of competition we all gathered to sweat, bleed and burn through what can be argued as the most intense physical sport on the planet.  In the end we had many outstanding performances and a close race for the podium spots.

CrossFit Edmonton members Lisa Dika(1st) and Aaron Chetek (3rd) both finished with podium placements. Congratulations to them and great job representing our club. We also had great performances from a number of other members, both seasoned veterans of our program along with new recruits battled through the vigorous work out and all finished! Congratulations to all of you!

In the spirit of competition many things can happen, but what is assured, is a strengthening of community. Whether you’re a competitor in the ring or a volunteer helping out you equally contribute to this. If you’ve been involved lately with a competition as a competitor or a volunteer what are your thoughts? What things did you find exciting? Are there things that can be improved?