Making Life Easy

We all come to CrossFit Edmonton for many different reasons. We all exercise and stay fit for many different reasons. From this, we also have many different success stories of things we’ve achieved through our hard work. The easy and obvious ones for us are the things we achieve within the program. Things like, finally doing a running WOD without taking any walk breaks, finally getting that first double under after weeks of whip marks, getting a new time on that benchmark or pulling that new weight off the ground.

However, what we don’t always see and hear are the real life success stories. The times when we do something physical only to notice after the fact that, “That was easy”. Do you have one of these moments? Please share with us a time when you did some physical task out in the ‘real world’ and afterwards thought to yourself “That way easy”.

A not-so-easy moment in the gym can lead to a That Was Easy moment in real life.