Saturday, October 19, 2013

CrossFit Edmonton’s Annual FGB Fund Raising Event is finally here!
Please arrive between 10 and 10:20 to register, pick up your gift bag, shirt and settle in. We would LOVE to start the first heat around 10:50.  Each heat will take approximately 25 minutes to organize athletes, rep counters, workout, collapse, and peel off the floor to make room for the next group.

Heat # 1
Leslie B, Lori S., Irma, Nicole S., Leah
Betty, Shannon, Sarah, Robi, Sandra
Terry, Karl, Jeff, Gene, Wilson M.
Lindsay’s Friend, Rob M., Victor, Suru, Darren

Heat # 2
Nicole B., Jodi, Lindsay, Cheryl, Gen
Jen N., Amanda, Sierra, Kaila, Derek
Harri, Tim, Mario, Dustin
Brent M., Rob B., Scott

Heat # 3
Janna, Jen A., Sasha, Taraizer, Cheryl N.
Selena, Kelly, Lori OJ, Joanna, Suzanne
Richard, Cory, Brent G., Jason P.
Troy, Ryan, Mathew, Cody

Fight Gone Bad
1 Min per station, 3 Rounds, 1 point per rep or calorie

1. Wall Balls 20/14 (10′)
2. SDHP 75/55
3. Box Jump 20″
4. Push Press 75/55
5. Row Calories
6. Rest

Today is the last day to register for guaranteed spot and T-Shirt.  We hope to see you all here next Saturday!  It going to be great!