CFE – 3 Month Skills Challenge

How’s your skill practice coming along?

Starts Week of January 13th-19th, Ends Week of April 14th-20th
Pick a skill that is challenging for you and that you have always wanted to complete but haven’t put enough time in to practice. Create a goal that you will complete in 3 months (ex. 5 muscle-ups by April 14th) and then two smaller goals for each month before that (ex. 15 ring pull-ups/15 ring dips by Feb. 14th, 1 muscle-up by March 14th). 15+ minutes a day will give you 1 point. Keep track of weekly points for tracking your own progress. If people are interested we will be videoing progress throughout the challenge.

You will be surprised what you can accomplish with 3 months of practice on one skill. Let’s come together as a community and team, and help everyone complete this challenge!

Skills Challenge