The PALEO Project at CrossFit Edmonton

with Dr. Bubbs 

Dr. Bubbs will be presenting an interactive talk based on his book, The PALEO Project, which will help members of all levels individualize their nutrition and achieve their performance and weight loss goals. In the talk Dr. Bubbs discusses some of the insights from his book’s 3 sections, “A Modern Paleo Diet”, “Hacking Your Health” and “Achieving your Performance and Weight Loss Potential”.  He has spoken at several Crossfit Gyms and the reception so far has been great.  The talk is typically 45 minutes with additional time for Q&A.

Dr. Marc Bubbs is a Naturopathic Doctor and Strength & Conditioning coach based in Toronto, who specializes in Sports Medicine and is the Nutrition Lead for the Canadian Men’s National Basketball Team. He is a renowned speaker and regular contributor to Loren Cordain’s blog, and Paleo Magazine. Dr. Bubbs book The Paleo Project was released this month and he is visiting several CrossFit boxes across North America as part of a promotional tour, as well as speaking at this year’s Paleo FX conference.

Friday, April 10th

5:30 – 6:30

CrossFit Edmonton
50 – 320 Circle Drive
St. Albert, Alberta

To reserve your spot, register online here under “CrossFit Classes”
This event is free.


Social Media Image, Crossfit Edmonton