CrossFit Edmonton St. Albert, AB

50-320 Circle Dr.   St. Albert, AB

Forging a community of fitness since 2006

Get started in 1 of 2 ways

1. Intro To CrossFit Course

Crossfit Edmonton’s Intro To CrossFit Course is a premier 6 session program geared towards introducing and enhancing your understanding and execution of the CrossFit methodology. We strongly believe that proper technique and appropriate scaling will constitute superior results.  The Intro to CrossFit Course teaches athletes the gymnastic movements, Powerlifts and Olympic lifts used in our program.  During the course athletes learn about the programming and how to modify the workouts to their individual abilities.  The course gives coaches at CrossFit Edmonton an opportunity to observe and assess the new athletes strengths and possible areas of limitation.

7am and Mama’s Intro to CrossFit Course available

Call- 780-458 1450 or e-mail to inquire about setting up appointments.

2. Personal Assessment

Have you been doing Crossfit for a while and want to come check out our club? Our personal assessment is designed to ensure safe execution of the basic CrossFit exercises necessary for participating in regular classes.

Call- 780-458 1450 or e-mail to to inquire about setting up an assessment.


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