Sunday, May 8, 2016

9 x 3

Tate Press
4 x 12

“Fort McMurray”
80 Burpees

From CrossFit Crude out of Fort McMurray, AB.
“Here is a WOD I am going to do at every box I go to in the next couple weeks!

Please share!!!

“Fort McMurray”
For time:
80 Burpees

*in honour of the 80+ thousand residents ( myself included) who evacuated the city this week. Also, the burpee symbolizes being knocked down but getting back up. Over and over again. Every burpee you do is a symbol of all of us up in FM who just got knocked down by this horrific natural disaster…but we are resilient. We are ?#?albertastrong? and WE ARE BANDING TOGETHER AND WILL GET BACK UP!

Please share! Post videos on our FB page: CrossFit Crude or email to so we can post on community pages.


CF Crude”

Pray fot Fort McMurray