CrossFit Kids Edmonton, a registered CrossFit Kids Program

Summer Camp July 24th to 27th

CrossFit Kids Certified Coaches       320 Circle Dr. St. Albert

Summer Camp July 24th to 27th

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CFE Power Sport Athletics 13 – 18+yrs

Off season training for building strength, speed and agility for youth in power sports. 

The priority of our program is to develop strong and quick athletes who can hold safe and proper positions while under stress from weight, speed and/or fatigue. We consider sport specific overuse injuries and work towards correcting poor mechanics. Through strengthening any muscular imbalances, we are creating well-rounded athletes who excel beyond their competitors fitness levels.

Athletes who attend on a regular basis and apply 100% effort, will advance into their pre-season noticeably strong, powerful and fast players.

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Your CrossFit Kids Coaches:

 JannaDeniJason , Krista and Suzanne

CrossFit Kids Edmonton  program is in existence to introduce children to the benefits of functional movement in a safe, healthy and FUN environment. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of HAVING FUN! It is RULE #1 in our program.

Kids 6 – 13+ yrs Monday’s & Thursday’s from 4:30 – 5:15 

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Focus on fun and functional movement
Warmup, skill work (focus on squat, deadlift, pushup and press), 5-10 min WOD, and 5-10 min GAME!!
There will be loads but no weights unless approved by the coach
Discussion on topics relevant to health and wellness such as nutrition, proper choices, teamwork, education, sports, etc.



Toddlers 3 – 6yrs  Saturdays 10:30 – 11:00   

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 Parented – parents will be asked to stay and help kids stay on task. We want you to be able to share in your child’s love of moving and to see the smiles on their faces when they accomplish something new.
Focus on fun and functional movement!
The basic CrossFit movements will be incorporated into activities and games fashion rather than traditional “skill work”
There will be no “loading” in toddler sessions (no weight). 30 min classes
Placement of children ages 3 and 6 is at the coaches discretion.