Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father’s Day to CFE’s cool Dads.  Thanks for all the Bad Dad jokes!

Today’s classes are 8am at CFE or 10am at the pool.

Power Clean
EMOM for 15 minutes

AMRAP in 12 min
6 Box Jumps
12 Slam Balls



AMRAP in 20 minutes

Swim 50m (1 lap)
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats


Sprint 1 length x 3-5 (Rest between lengths)


With time remaining in the hour, dunk your friends.

A note from Coach Jason:

“CFE friends…
I’ve been thinking all day about tomorrow’s swim WOD, well not all day, as I wasn’t thinking much of anything while I was getting “Quadzillaed” by Coach Denzelle this morning. But most of the day I’ve been thinking about you athletes and your reasons for coming to the pool to work out and why you might not. Here are my unedited, off the cuff thoughts…no time to go over and over this as I’m off to help Coach a kid’s soccer game in a few minutes.
So here’s what I’m thinking. The idea for a swim WOD has been jangling around in my brain (and therefore in Suzanne’s brain cause I’m opinionated like that) for quite some time, literally years. There have been swim events at the Games; we might not be games athletes but we appropriately scale workouts they do all the time.
I have this perfect little vision of a group of happy CrossFitters banging out laps, doing bodyweight movements like the bosses they are, and generally having a great time.
I would imagine, or rather interpret from some of the conversations I heard, that a few of us are feeling self-conscious. “What movements can I do in swim suit”, “Make sure to shave”, “I’m not that strong a swimmer” and the like. I honour the truth of those feelings. I share some of them.
There are a ton of reasons that we could all give for not coming to the pool. But are they the same reasons we would give for not coming to a WOD at the gym? Injured? Check. stay home and mend. Frightened of water? Most adults at the gym (sorry shorties:) can stand in this pool and walk from end to end, but a fear of water is still totally legit. Have no one to look after the little ones? That’s a tough one, but I get that too. Father’s Day and you’d rather have brunch with kids and Pa? I can back that all day long. Scheduled rest day? You are becoming wise!
Body Image? Uh-uh. Hold the phone on that one pal. I’m the first to say that this is recreation not obligation (except maybe to your health and longevity) but don’t let some pre-conceived notion of body make that choice for you. Performance is what this whole fitness movement, and more on point in our CFE community is about.
One of the main visions of fitness presented to those of us that have taken the level 1 cert is of athletes that are able to conquer unknown and unknowable athletic challenges. Well guess what Player…a swim just came out of the hopper and you can do it.
So. It may not be as sunny as I’d hoped tomorrow morning. What I do know is that some of you will make a choice to come do something that is challenging and that might even scare you a little. What I do know is that every last other athlete will honour your effort the same way they do day in and day out when the only water in the WOD is in a bottle. What I do know is that the colour of your swimsuit or its size has nothing to do with your worth as a human. What I do know is that this could be just one more step (or stroke) in your journey to be an even better version of you.

Hope to see you all there. Off to shave as much of my own back hair as possible with these inflexible shoulders…

Cannonball coming!

Coach J”