Friday, October 12, 2018

Back Squat
5 x 5

Sumo Chair Deadlift
1 x @ 70%

5 Rounds for max reps
:30 DUs
:30 T2B
:30 Rest

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| BUILDING BETTER TTB | ….. ??The rings are a great place to get comfortable with an efficient kip & tight form. … ??Less lats are involved than ttb on the rig but this allows the athlete to: 1. feel cadence 3. pacing 5. tight form 7. pulling into a HOLLOW pike to hit toes to rings 8. an introduction to kip on rings (thinking ahead for RMU!) …. ?FOCUS ON: 1. palms face open like you’re hanging on rig – this teaches lats & tension . 2. Super tight arch – knees straight and pull down in rings for control . 3. Long “scoop” into hollow . 4. Tight legs as you pull ribs down into a hollow pike position while pulling down on rings to create tension …. ?TRY 4 x 15-20reps Rest approx 30-60sec between rounds … Want more drills like this? ?Work with me & Dr of PT @thebarbellphysio online with our Performance Plus Program???? link in bio . ?Check out @cfgymnastics & to join a weekend course! …. #cfgcoach #crossfitgames #cfgymnastics #crossfittraining #gymnasty #cfg #pamelagnon #crossfit #mastersathlete #crossfitgames #mastersgamesathlete #gymnasticsconditioning #ttb

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