Thursday, December 20, 2018

5 Rounds
Handstand Walk

AMRAP in 15 Min:
20 Cal Row
3 Laps Farmers Carry
30 Push Ups

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| HANDSTAND WALKING | ….. ?One step at a time! A great drill to focus on hollow position, stacking, balancing & pressing thru floor for tension. ….. ??FOCUS ON: •Tight hollow body during each step! •Shifting and lifting by pressing tall thru main shoulder …. ?APPROACH: 1. Setting into a hollow plank 2. Complete 5 shoulder taps 3. Take one step up wall and reset into hollow position 4. Complete 4 shoulder taps 5. Take one more step up wall and 3 shoulder taps 6. Continue until you hit complete stacked handstand and 1 shoulder tap 7. Then repeat going back to start???? ….. ?WANT TO WORK ON MORE SKILLS? *Click my bio link to work online with me & @thebarbellphysio?? . *Register for a weekend @cfgymnastics course & learn all the fundamentals of CrossFit Gymnastics skills???? ….. #cfgcoach #crossfitgames #gymnasty #cfg #pamelagnon #crossfit #mastersathlete #crossfitgames #mastersgamesathlete #gymnasticsconditioning #handstandbalance

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