Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Floor Press

Floor Press Challenge
3 x max reps

AMRAP in 15 min:
10 Alternating SA DB Power Snatch
20 DU’s
3 Lengths Sled Drag

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??WHY YOU NEED TO ARCH WHEN BENCHING?? – After a super extensive post rampage on shoulders (scroll down my feed to find more), I think we're ready to understand how the arch actually "saves us" when benching. – YES, you NEED to arch, and I don’t care whether you’re against this statement or not, because if you are.. chances are you’re mistaking the “right way" to arch, with the “wrong one”. – Implementing an Upper Back Arch (Thoracic Extension) when bench pressing ensures 3 very important things, as you can see from the drawings: – 1) SAFETY: By lockig your shoulderblades back together and holding them there for the whole movement, you’re preventing yourself from getting injured in the shoulders/tendons areas. – 2) STABLILITY. Arching your upper back creates a strong “base” or muscle shelf where you can rest on, pushing your muscles against the pad. Glutes stay GLUED to the bench, and so do your feet. – STRENGTH: this is simply the strongest way to bench press. By doing it correctly, you’re also able to load the exercise very heavy, therefore finally allowing yourself to build a strong and aesthetic chest! – ???TAG everyone who needs to see and understand this!! #pheasyque

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