Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Work up to a heavy single for today.

3 x Max Reps

AMRAP in 12 minute:
6 Strict HSPU
6 Box Jumps
12 RKB Swings

2019 Interim CFE Baby Schedule Changes
Monday to Friday 9:30am Mamas & Papas
Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 WOD w/Coach
Saturday Teens 10:15

Starting in March
Wednesdays 6am WOD w/ Jen
7 & 8 Closed
9:30 Mamas & Papas


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Here’s a great post by @achievefitnessboston on the deadlift! ??? BAR ALIGNMENT FOR DIFFERENT DEADLIFT VARIATIONS! – What’s up Achievers?! @laurenpak22 here and today we’re talking bar alignment! When it comes to deadlifts, we don’t think there is necessarily a one-size-fits all variation or stance! We also don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits all body angle for each deadlift variation. That’s because everyone has different limb lengths and injury histories that may impact the way they look at the bottom of a deadlift! – The one thing that we feel IS universal when it comes to deadlifts is the alignment of the bar in regards to your shoulder blades/armpits in the bottom position! No matter which deadlift variation you’re performing, or what your personal structure is, the safest way to set up for a deadlift is to align your shoulder blades/armpits directly over the bar cap. – You can see in these photos that my overall alignment and angles are different from variation to variation, but no matter which one I’m doing, my armpits are aligned over the bar. Getting into this position at the bottom is going to help set you up for the most efficient bar path, and will prevent you from over-utilizing your lower back to perform the lift! _ ?If you found this helpful, please share or tag a friend ??
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