Sunday, February 17, 2019

Bench w/ Chain
3 x 3 Close, Medium & Wide Grip

4 Rounds
2 Laps Backward Sled Drag
6 DB Renegade Row
20 Jumping Lunges

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The Arch in the Bench Press — For most beginners (and sometimes even experienced lifters), arching of the back during a bench press may look unsafe and confusing. — In general, the spine is allowed to flex (think cat pose in yoga) and extend (think cobra pose) and actually has quite a large range of motion. The end range of this motion (which is where some problems potentially arise) is usually not met with a typical bench press arch. Additionally, it’s often proposed that the vertebrae and intervertebral discs are safest in an arched (lordotic) position. — When the bar is unracked, the weight is perpendicular to the plane of the spine. Due to this, there is very little axial loading or compressive forces on the spine. As long as the spine does not change positions (butt and shoulders stay anchored) there should be very little concerning shear force. If you were to squat, overhead press, or deadlift in this extended spinal position, then we would likely run in to problems. — Arching can help keep the scapula retracted (think shoulder blades down and back). This places the glenohumeral joint (shoulder joint) in a safe and powerful position. Don’t be the old person that can’t bench anymore due to shoulder pain! — The bench press is a COMPOUND exercise, not an isolation exercise. When pressing correctly with a safe and effective arch, more of the lower pectoral muscles are recruited. Recruiting more fibers leads to moving more weight which leads to increased strength. If you’re just trying to work on the pec crease, go hit the fly deck. — An excessive, Exorcist style arch with the butt coming off of the bench can be unsafe as it places unnecessary strain on some joints, such as the SI joint (near the dimples often seen on lower back). To ensure a safe arch, make sure to keep the butt and shoulders anchored to the bench. — Anyone comment on your arch? . . . #brosmd #benchpress #bencharch

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