Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Power Clean + Hang Power Clean
8 Sets

5 Rounds:
Min 1- 4 Power Clean
Min 2- 6 Bar MU
Min 3- 12 Calories Row

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*SEE all 10 tips at link in bio…. . Here is the 8th of 10 easily applied tips to help improve your Olympic Lifts. . Hold the completion position of the last rep within the final 3 sets (whether that be sets of 1 or multiple rep sets) of any snatches (standing with bar overhead), cleans (standing with bar in front rack), jerks (standing with bar overhead), squats (standing with bar in back rack, front rack, or overhead position), or deadlifts (snatch or clean, standing with bar in hang) you perform for 10 seconds. . With this you will accumulate TIME in these ultimate positions that can lend toward learning to support with alignment, structure, and end range instead of “muscling” the load with compensation. . Additionally, developing more awareness, mobility, and strength here can help diminish (or even eliminate) any hesitations associated with inefficiencies or weaknesses in those areas and free up movement prior to the end position (if your end position is always compensated or weak, then your body will act differently going into it than it would if it were more relaxed and strong; muscled positions lead into muscled positions and vice versa). . Upon completing the rep to be held, flex your quads, butt, and abs to straighten as needed before starting the count. If holding in the front rack be sure all fingers are under the bar (ideally with index finger 2-3 inches outside the shoulder so not to reinforce a less effective or “lazy” front rack position; force a full grip to add difficulty and work more front rack mobility). If holding overhead be sure end range, un-muscled positions are found by relenting any death gripping (relax hands but of course keeping full grip; I recommend releasing hook grip OH as well), positioning wrists back, locking elbows, pulling shoulders down, and aligning bar with back of your head. Keep in mind as well that learning and strengthening these characteristics holding the bar in the hang/standing position can lend to a less muscled pull and better timing (more ideal use of shoulders and arms) with fluidity and efficiency. . With ANY bar location, NO butt out, arch in back, big chest, shrugged shoulders, or muscling w/elbows.

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