Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Close Grip Bench Press

3 x Max Reps

5 Rounds
8 Alternating DB Power Snatch
Shuttle Run

*Reminder that next week Wednesday morning class times change.
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?Common Mistake in the Bench Press & How to Fix it? . I often see newer lifters beginning their press with their wrists cocked back, and failing to fully support the weight of the barbell. Have you noticed that your wrists are bent back while pressing, and are you experiencing some wrist pain? You are not alone! . Tons of lifters immediately think they should grip the bar in the center of their hand for the bench press, and that causes poor wrist alignment. Instead of grabbing the bar where you normally would for deadlifts, try gripping lower in your palm. ? Ideally you would see a straight line from the barbell to the fist, wrist and forearm. This is the strongest and most supportive position for your muscles and joints. . HAPPY BENCHING! ? by: @megsquats

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