Saturday, March 9, 2019

5 Rounds
400m Row
20 Alt. SL Squat
5 Power Snatch

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?????Kettlebell swinging the bar?????? Do you have issues kicking the bar out in front of you? It’s likely because you’re initiating your extension too late or too early. The athletes that extend too late typically “hitch” & the athletes that extend too early tend to have a hop forward & a lot of bar crashing. I talk a lot about “finishing like it’s a backflip” like most top athletes do- but this can only work if your under phase is dialed in at the right time so the power is directed the right way! – Fix: I would spend a lot of time doing “slow snatches” at 50-70% speed & a lot of hang snatch variations to try to find the proper rhythm. Video’ing yourself from a side or a 45 degree angle is also very helpful for feedback to see if you’re hitting those positions. Thanks to @hookgrip for the second video also! – Tag a friend who might enjoy this!

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