Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Attempt #2! Parking lot was not cleaned or painted today so…..
Weather permitting the parking lot is supposed to be cleaned and lines painted today. Please park on the street.

Front Squat Box Squat

2 x 2:00 max reps

5 Rounds
45 DU’s
Length SA Farmers Carry

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The single arm farmer walk is a great core stability exercise for strength athletes (TURN ? ON!) Here’s how to perform.?? . Start by holding a weight at your side. Brace your core like you’re about to get punched in the stomach.??Now, naturally your body will want to lean away from the weight as soon as you pick it up. Fighting this lean to remain upright will turn on and train in your core muscles (specifically your QL and obliques which work to limit excessive twisting or leaning of your trunk).? . Think about standing tall without twisting or leaning while you then walk with the weight in your hand. You can also hold the weight in a front rack position (shown right) or in the bottoms up position with a kettle bell (shown left) for more of a shoulder stability emphasis.?? . Special thank you to @3d4medical and their app “Complete Anatomy” for today’s anatomy graphic and @barbellshruggedpodcast for the solid shirt?? ———————————————— To see more of my favorite core stability exercises for a stronger squat, check out the blog article linked in my bio.? __________________________________ #Squat #SquatUniversity #Powerlifting #weightlifting #crossfit #training #wod #workout #gym #fit #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #oly #olympicweightlifting #hookgrip #mobility #physicaltherapy #lifting #crossfitter #squats #crossfitcommunity #core #coreworkout

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