Monday, July 1, 2019

Canada Day Fun-raiser for Coach Jodi!

“Jodi The North”
Teams of 4, AMRAP in 24 minutes:
Farmers Carry ( rain or shine)
Wall Balls

??July 1 ?? Canada Day Fun-Raising WOD and brunch for Coach Jodi! 

Your very own Coach Jodi is heading to the IWF Masters World Championships ??? to represent Canada . Please consider joining us for a FUN-raising event on Canada Day to help Jodi achieve her goal. ? #jodithenorth

Entry is 20 bucks cash per person. 

You get 
?? super fun workout with friends (Teams of 4)
?? brunch with friends 
?? draw ticket for a chance to win $200 or $100 toward something that betters your health. 

IF YOU WANT BRUNCH: Sign up online by Sunday at 10am.