Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Deadlift 1RM


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“How do you keep your back so straight?” and “How is your technique so good?”. It’s not as complicated as you may think. I can sum it up in 5 words: DON’T DO SHIT WRONG, EVER. . Sounds overly simplistic, mainly because there’s an entire industry trying to sell you on magical exercises to fix the ‘issues’ causing your poor technique. They’ve done a great job at over complicating a problem with a simple fix. . While I wouldn’t flag a slight rounding of the upper back or a controlled lower back rounding (one that doesn’t change from start to finish of the lift) as “bad” technique, I would agree that a straight back is especially important for inexperienced lifters. . If you’ve already dug yourself into a pit and have in fact been doing shit wrong for year, strengthening the glute max to facilitate hip extension, improving pelvis/low back awareness, addressing hamstring limitations (poor flexibility), top down deadlifts, and using blocks to gain motor control are the options I’d recommend. . “My back has ALWAYS been straight in the deadlift, even when I first learned how to do it at age 12. It’s not because of genetics, muscular balance (I definitely have imbalances) or any special exercises. I simply never did it wrong. I made the choice early on that I would both make and fail lifts with good technique and that I would never sacrifice technique for a short term gain. If you want to reach a point where your lifts are impressive, take your time, embrace the long game and DON’T DO SHIT WRONG, EVER.” – @hayden.bowe . Still got questions? Hit me up below!

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