Friday, December 20, 2019

Clean Pull + Hang Clean
9 x 2

1 1/4 Squat
5 x 6

Death March
4 x 8

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What if we could see through your shoes when squatting and uncover the position of your feet? What would they look like?? . Ideally we want to see a small arch in the foot, the big toe jammed down and the entire foot actively grabbing the ground. If we looked on the underside of the foot, your bodyweight would be evenly spread across three points of contact (the heel, base of the 1st toe and 5thtoe) called the tripod foot. This set up allows your body to stay balanced and produce tremendous power.? . Issues like knee collapse are almost always connected to the feet. If we took the shoes away, watch what happens. The arch of the foot collapses over meaning the foot lost stability which created the cascade of compensations up the leg creating the knee cave you saw.? . A drill I like to use to promote an active stable foot is the hip airplane. Stand on one foot, grab the ground to create stability before then tipping over towards the ground like you’re performing a single leg RDL. Once you reach the bottom, rotate your body upwards and back down – the whole time focusing hard on maintaining your stable foot. If your foot is naturally flat – don’t worry. While you may not be able to make an arch in your foot, still think about staying balanced across all three points of the tripod.? . To read more on the foot and its role in movement/technique, check out the blog article linked in my bio? – Shout out to @velaasa for the weightlifting shoes and @eleikosport for the barbell & weights featured today! Also thank you to @3d4medical with the Complete Anatomy app for the visual of the body?? _____________________________________ This is the 477th #SquatUclub eligible post!! Remember everyday – “like,” & comment using the hashtag #squatUclub ASAP and I’ll pick one person to start working with on whatever help you need (squat technique, an achy hip with deadlifts, etc). TURNING ON post & IGTV notifications (click the “following” button on my page & select “posts and IGTV”) will help you be first in line each day!

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