Wednesday, January 22, 2020

3 Sets

10 Bench Press
20 Sandbag Walking Lunge

3 Rounds
21 Cal Bike
12 Burpees
6 Muscle Ups
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A Breakdown of the Self-Spot Strict Muscle-up: ______________________________________________________ We use this progression in our @thegymnasticscourse Seminars as a progression for strict muscle-ups. It is also a great teaching tool to help athletes understand the movement pattern and strength requirements for the Strict Muscle-Up. •••• The pull to push: The objective here is to get the rings as low as possible so that as you’re transitioning you are coming Over the top and around versus straight up through the rings. The pull gets the rings below the chin. The push down on the rings gets them to the sternum. The rings should be in contact with the body and the body at an angle. The transition: The shoulders move around and over the top of the rings to the receiving position, the bottom of a ring dip. The chest should be tall with shoulder stacked on hips and head up with eyes looking to the horizon. Head/eyes should NEVER be looking toward the ground. This will cause the chest and shoulders to drop lower than you want to catch. Therefore, creating more work out of the dip or catching too low and missing the transition all together. The control decent to transition: When working the strict, the movement does not end with the lockout of the dip. For better strength and awareness, you want to work the decent as well. Coming down to the bottom of the dip, the feet are back behind the hips. The shoulders drop back behind the rings (body at angle). The rings stay close to the body and as you’re dropping the shoulders back you have to be PUSHING down on the rings. The start and finish position is with the shins and top of the foot flat on the ground, butt resting on calves and the body is directly under the ring attachments and knees in front of the rings. •••• @karhustrength @crossfittraining #thegymnasticscourse #strictmuscleup #muscleup #crossfit

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