Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Week 1 of our 12 Powerlifting Cycle

Back Squat

2 x
30 KB Deadlift
10 KB Swings

Tuesday and Thursday 1:00PM Class – remember to sign in online before 10AM same day if would like to attend.

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What are the big differences between a high bar vs low bar back squat? Let’s break it down.??? . When you pull yourself under the bar, a low bar technique places the bar directly over the posterior deltoid (just under the bony ridge that runs across the scapula). A high bar technique on the other hand positions the bar on top of the trap muscles.? . This small difference in position separated by only a few inches changes the movement such that the low bar technique brings out a more inclined chest compared to the more vertical high-bar lift.? . When comparing the biomechanics of these two lifts, the high-bar technique has a slightly longer moment arm at the knee compared to the low-bar lift, meaning the high-bar lift places more torque and the knee joint. This is conversely why low-bar lifters are often able to lift more weight comparatively as there is more leverage shifted from the knees to the stronger hips during the movement.?? . Some people will feel more comfortable with a hybrid between the two that places the bar in between the classic low and high positions. Regardless of which technique you chose to use, make sure you keep your core braced, back tight and your body in balance with the bar over the mid foot.? . To learn more about the science between the different squat techniques, check out the blog article linked in my bio? . Shout out to @quadslikerobb for the collaboration in making today’s post & to @3d4medical with the Complete Anatomy app for the visual of the body?? ___________________________________________ This is the 177th #SquatUclub eligible post. Remember everyday – “like,” & comment using the hashtag #squatUclub ASAP and I’ll pick one person to start working with on whatever help you need (squat technique, an achy hip with deadlifts, etc). TURNING ON post notifications at the top of my profile (click the •••) will help you be first in line each day!

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