Saturday, Oct. 09 2010

5 Rounds each for time 

Sled drag 135/90 (2 Laps)
KB swing 15 reps
15 Squats

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Foot achors, for sit ups

Friday, Oct 08 2010

Box Squat

 5 Rounds of

Sitting box jumps x 3 reps
 (Work up too max height)
Max reps DU’s

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Power snatch

Thursday, Oct 07 2010

3 Rounds for time 

15 P. Clean 135/95
15 Pull ups
15 Push press 135/95
15 Push ups
15 Box jumps

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Taking some time to re-coop

Wednesday, Oct. 06 2010

Floor press
5×5 31×1

 10 Rnds

90 sec  on
30 sec off


5 Ring dips
7 H.P. Snatch 75/55

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Alison- Rope climb

Tuesday, Oct. 05 2010

4 Rounds of
1 min of max effort at each station w/ 1 min rest in bt/ rounds.

 Step ups 45/30 lbs DB
DB H.P Clean 40/25

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Getting aquainted with “cousin”

Monday, Oct. 04 2010

Partial Deadlift
(Work up to a heavy set of 5)

 5 Sets of 12 reps

Single leg squats with Db’s
(work) up to a max weight/ leg
5 Weighted pull ups for max weight

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Another wall ball variation?

Sunday, Oct. 03 2010

AMRAP in 20 mins of

5 Thrusters 95/65
7 H.P. Clean 95/65
10 SDHP 95/65

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Galina- Med ball rapid move

Saturday, Oct. 02 2010

Back Squat
6×1 w/ 2 min rest

5 Rnds for max weight

100′ Walking lunge

Primal lurkings

Friday, Oct. 01 2010

AMRAP in 20 mins of

7 Burpees
15 Slam ball 20/16
7 Deadlifts 225/155
15 S.A. snatch 50/35 lbs db

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Sled drag

Thursday, Sept. 30 2010

Pull up
6×1 w/ 2 min rest
(Work up to a 1 rep max)

5 Rnds for max reps of:

Press into Push press into Push jerk 95/65

Max out one movement before moving to the next

FGB 2009

Wednesday, Sept. 29 2010

2 Rounds for time of

35 Push ups
35 SDHP 75/55
35 Box jumps 
35 Thrusters 75/55
35 pull ups
35 H. P. Snatch 75/55
35 Squats
35 H. P. Cleans 75/55

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Brett the gate keeper

Tuesday, Sept. 28 2010

P. Snatch
6×1 w/ 2 min rest

3 Rounds for time of:


Deadlift 275/185
Ring dips

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Cody- Farmers carry in the rain

Monday, Sept. 27 2010

3 Rounds for time of:

500 m row
15 S. Cleans 135/95

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Conor-Post rope climb

Sunday, Sept 26 2010

Complete for time:

21-15-9 reps of

Ring dips


21-15-9 reps of

Jumping pull ups


21-15-9 reps of

Sit ups

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Bruce sitting in as coach

Saturday, Sept. 25 2010


Complete for time:

25 pull ups
50 Deadlifts 135/95
50 Push ups
50 Floor wipers
50 KB Clean to press 35/20
50 Box jumps 24′ box
25 pull ups

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“the catch”

Friday, Sept. 24 2010

Back Squat
5×3 w/ 2 min rest

AMRAP in 12 mins of:

1 G to OH 185/115
3 Burpees

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Escape through the air intake!

Thursday, Sept. 23 2010

AMRAP in 20 mins of:

5 Pull ups
5 DB Thrusters 45/30 lbs
5 Burpees

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Tara’s pre-lift routine

Wednesday, Sept. 22 2010

Pull up 
5×3 w/ 2 min rest
(Work up to a max effort in 3 reps)

Tabata Mash up

Push ups
Sit ups

Perform 50 or 75 or 100 reps of

Weighted hip extentions 20/10 lbs db

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David- Wall ball sit up

Tuesday, Sept 21 2010

Complete for time:

Run “the Bruce” (1250 m)
200 DU’s
50 KB Swings 55/35
100 Sit ups
50 Wall ball shots 20/16

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Blue suede shoes

Monday, Sept 20 2010

P. Snatch
5×3 w/ 2 min rest 

Complete for time:

50 Strict pull ups (10 min cap)

Rest 2 mins

50 Push press 135/95

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Jen, your dog looks slightly concerned

Sunday, Sept 19 2010


3 Rounds for time of

Run 800 m
50 Hip extentions
50 Sit ups

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Chelsie- Maintaining a straight bar path

The Dreaded Time Trial

The Dreaded time trial is probably one of the least favourite workouts at CrossFit Edmonton.  Those of you who are familiar with them can relate to the dull sickness that washes over you when you walk in and see a 400 m run x 6 or a 500 m Row x 6 on the board. So why week after week do these workouts keep showing up like an uninvited guest?

The answer is the same for why the back squat, deadlift and press variations keep showing up in our strength programming, and that is, they’re simply effective.  The 400 m run time trial is to cardiovascular conditioning like the back squat is to total body strength. In the world of “cardio” there’s not much that generates the same response in fast acting energy transfer than short duration/high intensity bouts of running, rowing and other monostructural movements.

Now us coaches realise that coming in and doing a time trial WOD is similar to swallowing a guzzle of cough syrup, but we feel, if we can be there to hold the spoon and choo choo train it in for you, you’ll be all the better for it.

Seriously though the time trial can be a potent cardio developer and its just as easy to track your progress as the strength stuff. The 3 sec+/- window that is part of the prescription is there to help orientate you to what capacity’s you have and allows you to set up a goal for the next work out. For example if you were able to hold a 1:30-1:33 time per lap on a 400 m run x 6 work out, then for next time making a goal to shorten that window by a second and completing it in 1:29-1:32 time per lap clearly demonstrates the improvement and we all know seeing results is one of the prime motives for sticking around and achieving elite fitness.

So the next time you come in, and a dreaded time trail is on the board, pull out the log book and challenge your self to beat your old time by a sec. This will make them more fun and you’ll be able to see your improvements.

Starting vs. Staying

Every once in a while I think back to how I first found CrossFit. What was my first workout and what did I think of after doing that first workout. Then I start to think about why I came back for more. Why do I continuously come back for more and what keeps me sticking around. No mater what, and no matter how insane some people say CrossFit is, the answers always put a smile to my face. Maybe I’m just crazy or maybe I just get it, but there’s definitely something here as far as I’m concerned.

However, there’s plenty of people out there who never do either. They never start (possibly because they hear stories and see pictures like the one below) and if they do, they don’t stay. What gives? What sets us apart from the rest? What’s your story?

How did you first hear about CrossFit? What made you decide to actually give it a try? And more importantly, why do you keep coming back for more?!? Please share you stories in comments.

And this is when the husband says “Why the F@<& do you keep going back to that place!?!?!”

Power Vs. Squat

This was taken from Greg Everett’s newsletter at Catalyst Athletics:

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the differences in executing a power snatch or clean vs the full squat variation of the lift. Here’s the good news – There’s really no difference. The mechanics of the lifts are identical – the only difference is the height at which the lifter receives the bar and arrests downward movement. For a lift to qualify as power, the athlete must stop with the thighs above horizontal. It doesn’t matter how high the bar is turned over and either fixed overhead or racked on the shoulders; if the athlete continues into a squat or any depth below horizontal thighs, it is not a power snatch or clean.
In all cases, it’s critical to understand that the bar is received above the bottom position and the athlete squats with the weight to some degree. One of the most common mistakes beginners make is trying to “catch low”. This creates problems like incomplete pulls, the bar crashing on the lifter, disconnection between the lifter and the bar, reduced ability to absorb the downward force, less opportunity to correct instability, and more difficult recoveries.

In most workouts, we typically perform power cleans/snatches as they have a faster cycle rate. This has lead to decreased capacities in a squat versions for many people and even a fear of the movements in some. What has been your experience with the squat movements and which do you prefer? What’s your reasoning?

Brett’s vest is only 20lbs and he needed 25… Crossfitters are genius!