Barefoot Running

Ever tried running barefoot? You have probably seen a few of us around the gym wearing our Vibram Five Fingers. (the funky toe shoes that look silly) We wear these to allow us to run barefoot (or just be barefoot) but still have protection from sharp objects on the ground.

The number one question I get asked when I wear them is “what are those for” while the person points at my feet. Because I’m typically a smart-ass, I usually respond with “what are those for” and I point to their feet. I then say that they serve the same purpose as shoes do to protect my feet but allow my feet to work the way they were designed. They allow my foot and lower leg to absorb my body weight the way nature intended. The way evolution has made them.

The shoe does do quite a good job at absorbing your weight, but it will never be as good as your foot and leg can do. Check out the video below and if you’re up for the challenge, try a short barefoot run. Like anything, your body will get some soreness using new muscles but don’t worry, these muscles were meant to be used!


If you’ve ever run barefoot or in Vibrams, let us know your experience. Post thoughts to comments.