A Simple Concept

At CrossFit Edmonton, we like to think that the concept is pretty simple. Show up and work hard. That’s about all we ask too. If you come into the facility every time as a motivated person ready to work hard, we can guarantee your results.

The trouble comes with the simple ‘work hard’ principle. Most everything in our lives these days is geared towards convenience and making things easier. So much so that we even start to think that fitness should come easy. We get sold into buying one of the million gimmicks out there thinking it will be that “Magic Pill” Unfortunately, there will never be a magic pill. There is no substitute for good old fashion hard work.

At CrossFit Edmonton, we work hard to create a program that will truly maximize your results. Combine our programing with your hard work and we have a perfect recipe for results.

So the next time you swing by our neck of the woods, know that we only ask one thing of you: show up and work hard!

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Hard work was everywhere at the Central Canadian Sectionals!