So, you guys take the time to send me an anniversary email; let me take the time to reply.

This past year has been one of the best of my life thanks to Crossfit and your efforts as coaches.  Who’d have known that a guy that had back surgery almost 15 years ago could have success at something as intense as Crossfit?  I’ve gone from someone with nearly daily pain to a 40 year old who is PRing movements on a regular basis, with improved quality of life and outlook.  I can’t wait most evenings to see the WOD posted on the site, then look forward to getting to the gym to get after and test myself once again.

I write this email as I reflect on finishing my first hero WOD “Murph” this morning and am struck by how proud I am.  The ironic part, is that it’s not me I’m proud of.  In stead, I’m proud of the 30 or 40 other people that finished the WOD today, some of them friends (thanks to meeting them at the box), some of them still strangers, but all of them respected because I know they all felt the same things that I felt as well…doubt, camaraderie, elation, exhaustion and maybe a little fear.  For being a physical endeavor, our Crossfit community and the experience is surprisingly emotional.

I am also proud (not to mention thankful) for what the CF experience has done for my wife and best friend.  Words can’t express how amazing it is to share CF with the dearest person in your life, and seeing her achieve success after success, regaining her own health, wellness and happiness. The Paleo challenge that I was a part of also helped her.  New energy, better skin, body composition change…the list goes on and on for both of us.  And she has absolutely demolished what we knew about training for endurance events using the Crossfit methodology!  When we tell our running and triathlon friends that Gen completed her 50 mile ultra on only one long run a week, and crossfit for the rest of her program, most are blown away.  Imagine no injuries and times as good or better than 10 years ago…amazing.

Bring a friend days have been amazing for us too, as people in our circle get to try CF and enjoy the positive lifestyle changes we have had.  Our good friend Ange is constantly filling us in on how great she feels.   I keep scheming about how to bring more people that are important to me to a place where they feel this good and excited about day to day life.

As a coach and teacher, the one thing I’ve learned is that sometimes you don’t hear “Thank you” that often, rather, you see it in the performances of your athletes, the relationships they build, the way they go out into life with the lessons they’ve learned from you as better people.  CFE coaches,  be proud of what you offer to people and your efforts.  Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into being great trainers. I can honestly say I’ve never walked away from a CF workout feeling like I didn’t improve in some way, and that is not by accident.

It’s also been really fun to see your business flourish in a grand new space…continued success!

And so, inspired by what you do, I’m off to a level 1 cert soon, to hopefully at some point share what I am learning with others too.  But first, I’ll go eat some yummy kabobs that I wasn’t ready to try an hour ago when I finished the WOD.  Then into year two.  I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish in CrossFit this year….

There ya go.  Testimonial.  Unsolicited!

Thanks again

Jason S.


Most importantly my work at CrossFit has given me the ENERGY to keep up with & enjoy (even more) my 3 boys!!

The fitness gains I have made and the strength I have (in as quickly as a few short months) I would never have thought possible!

Health wise I have more energy, I am sick far less often and even rarely have colds.

The community of CrossFit Edmonton is just all around GREAT from Supportive to FUN and ENERGETIC!! When I wake up each day I look forward to meeting with my CrossFit Group and the challenges that the w/o will bring. I like how the website connects the group and the ability to prepare myself for the next WOD.

What I like most about CrossFit Edmonton are the Coaches! Their focus is really client driven. Giving each person individual attention even in group settings. Their classes are structured with focus on proper techniques and teaching of new skills at each and every session. The workouts are amazing and NEVER BORING? and the Coaches never miss an opportunity to challenge you to a level you never thought possible.

To anyone considering CrossFit I would say, If you are looking for a motivating environment when you workout, if you need individual attention along the way and are hoping to make great fitness gains, CrossFit Edmonton is where its at!